segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

Bottle it up!

Hi folks!

It's been a while I know..

I was looking at this blog and all my adventures.. amazing to see how people grow (specially when you can look at yourself in retrospective).

Since the last post, not a lot of things changed.. I mainly wake up in the mornings (late as usual), have my breakfast and run to work, still have no studies finished, etc.. but the small things that changed make me today wake up in a different country with a huge apartment next to the river and with a smile in my face. As a kid, I used to say that I changed 180 degrees, not 360 since 360 is to make a turn and stay in the same place just slightly dizzy with the turn.
Mainly, and not to go deep on all my thoughts about writing another post, I found my answer to the biggest question that not only everyone asked me but I also asked myself several times: why Poland?

The answer is inside the song: Bottle it up from Sara Bareilles


It's true, I'm moving towards love.. since I was a baby until now..
Started with Love for the adverture, the unknown, the scripted language of Polish.. moved towards true friendship to work (bloody hard work), love for a man (or loving the way he wished I would leave just to beg me to stay), loving a country that I still call mine and finished when the love I had was just not enough to all the real world questions.

Poland is a fascination.. it can glow with only 22 years of hard work after a hardcore historical moments that some people know well(and now I'm not only talking about Germany but Russia as well). The mentality of the Polish people is interesting and I truly tried to be one of you but you can't be polish just with trying.. ..and probably this is why I finally left.. life goes on and I know which fights are made for me and the ones that are there just to make me smarter for the next one.

The small changed in my life made me change address 4 times since last post, so I can say now that I live in Germany and England, paied tax to more 2 different countries, live with my partner, and the owner of my heart, Richard (ouch.. another boyfriend in this blog.. hey.. many years passed ;] ), gave my sweet cats to adoption, left my job to a similar one (and almost got my ass sued for that), gave up my unhealthy 53kg body to a 73 one (I'm not proud and I'm working on the 57 again)...

...but ultimately, I'm fucking happy and it was about time!

domingo, 25 de outubro de 2009

Trip to Portugal

Hi everybody,

That's true, I went to Portugal for couple days. I don't know why I did it, since I almost didn't have time to be with my friends.

Anyway, it was nice, I saw a lot of people that I wanted to see and I was able to spend some time with my parents in Santa Cruz. 

It was a strange experience, everybody changed a lot since the day that I left Portugal, I am used to see that but it was the first time that I really selt the effect of being away for so long. Your real friends are almost killing each other to see you and the people that are important for you are the first ones to whom you will be calling to. Unfortunately, you also find out that are also people that you shouldn't even dream about.

Well, this was my experience in Portugal: opening my hear to what really matters and saying goodbye to problems.

Unluckily, I only have the pictures taken by my father in Santa Cruz, I'm still waiting for the pictures of Becas, that is in Valencia (ERASMUS) but we were able to meet in Portugal :)

Hope to see you very very soon, my dream friends.

Next post will be about Dusseldorf and Newbury :)

sábado, 12 de setembro de 2009

My flat :)


Yesterday was my first aniversary of my arrival to Poland. I did everything was a normal day although I have to admit that yesterday it was a good day for everything: working, thinking, cleaning, etc. Even the lunch was great, thing that I normally don't even eat!

Today is the Birthday of my sister Susana, so I really hope that you will have a great day full of surprises!

Today I will speak about my new Polish adventure: My flat :)

Yes, it's true, finally after one year I am living in a flat with two crazy cats and Katrina, girlfriend of Nuno. The flat is very well located, in Manhattan, in 7 min I'm at work by bus and, if I prefer, I can go walking that takes more a less 15 min!

Since I'm really trying to have a polish life, I'm trying harder to learn polish and eating at strange hours, I can't miss one polish tradition called Parapetówka. Parapetówka is a party that you make after renting or buying a house and before you put everything is order. In my case, everything is more a less in the places where it should be. Moja Parapetówka will be next week only with few guests but of sure a lot of fun. :)

I already had quite a lot of funny moments due to this flat. When me and katrina decided to start living here we had 3 couches and no beds! No problem, IKEA is arriving in Lodz so we thought that we could sleep on couches untill November. The problem is that from the 3 couches that we have, only 1 is "sleepable". How we solved the issue? well... we are sleeping toguether and searching for beds. Another funny moment it was when one of the cats, Artur ofcourse, decided to steal one bag of sugar that I had! (Tix, o açucar era teu!! A culpa é toda tua que tive que varrer o raio do apartamento todo! :P) I tried to teach my cat that he did something bad but he was so ridiculous running with the bag of sugar in his mouth that I couldn't stop laughing!

For now that's all. I hope I will be able to publish a post about moja parapetówka.

As usual my final picture: yesterday my crazy cat Artur decided to find a strange place to sleep while I was on PC:

terça-feira, 18 de agosto de 2009

Hello kitty

Hi again!

For those who know me a bit, hello kitty is the prove that I still have my kid side! I really like everything related to hello kitty and it's hard for me to not buy stuff related to that brand.

buttttt... this post ofcourse isn't about it but about my last crazy move: two cats!!

The end of my erasmus was a bit sad and I was trying hard to not feel alone in this country full of people. The first thing that I did was working over hours: having the time occupied was great for not thinking about how the silence really bugs me. After few weeks I was feeling tired so I had to stop. The second thing that I decided to do was buy the stuff for eating everyday, in that way I would have at least one thing to think after work. And in the middle the cats arrived!

Here I was, once again, going to Real to buy something for dinner. I cross the pets shop and I just had that feeling that I was going to bring some pet home, doesn't matter which one. Just in front of my eyes two pretty and very small kitties were sleeping and I was in love!! Took me 30 min to realize that I wouldn't go out without them.

The second that I had them I realize that they are not so calm has they look on this pics.

The days passed and I couldn't find good names for them. Due to the calm behavior of the first cat and the way that the white cat was all the time folowing the other cat, I decided to call them "ADHD" and the "Other". 

Still I wanted to give fancy names that a cat should have... thinking thinking thinking and I found two portuguese names that I like: Artur and Sebastião. But which cat reserves which name? That was the funniest part. I put a finger in the ground and start calling "Artur" the first one to come would have that name. The "Other" almost got it but the "ADHD" was faster.

All my co-worker call my kitties gays because of this pic but I don't care I really like them and this pic is the sweetest one.

Hope you think they are pretty because for me they are hooooot! :D

kitties life... so hard!

segunda-feira, 27 de julho de 2009

Why your blog is in portuguese?

Hi all!

Sorry that I took half of my ERASMUS to make a new post but ... well ... I have a very busy life :)

Propably you're asking your self whyyyy she's writting in english. Well, because some weeks ago one guy from work asked me why my blog was in portuguese. After that I just realise that, although it's easier to write in portuguese, it's not fair to everybody.

A lot of stuff happen since the last time that I wrote here. I have to admit that it's hard to find space to explain so many things in one single post... but I hope you like it.


Well.. my December in Poland was fantastic -- 10 days :D

BUUUUTTT those 10 days were enaugh to: change the colour of my hair (again), visit a new country, pass one subject and be stolen in a sunday, before a national day and 3 days before flying to Portugal.

I could explain all those crazy days that I had but I will just explain what a portuguese citizen must do in the situation that I went to: without any kind of documents 3 days before your flight to Portugal. The explanation will be in portuguese due to market target :p

Olá! Ufa.. este Inglês às vezes chateia.. o que me aconteceu foi muito rápido e pode acontecer a qualquer um que visita um país e decide arriscar um hostel que custa 4€ por noite e tem bad notes sobre falta de segurança e assaltos.

Tudo isto aconteceu na bonita República Checa (Praga), durante a noite. Quando acordei e não vi a minha carteira em lado nenhum achei que mais uma vez a minha cabeça de vento me estava a pregar partidas.

Passei todos os estados de luto: Negação ("Não.. é de mim! Eu ainda vou encontrar a minha carteira algures"), Raiva (neste campo mais vale não descrever exactamente o que fiz mas... no meio daquela situação toda, a polícia não perceber Inglês e eu ver-me forçada a grunhir sons aparentemente em Polaco para ser atendida, fez-me soltar um bocado a língua), Negociar ("Talvez se eu puder ver as malas que estao guardadas, mesmo sem as abrir vou encontrar a minha carteira"), Tristeza ("a carteira e porta-moedas faziam um conjunto tao bonito") e, finalmente, Aceitação (este último estado foi mais ou menos forçado dado que tinha que voltar para a Polónia).

Quando este tipo de situações acontece o melhor é mesmo ser rápido: telefonar aos 2 melhores amigos do momento - LinhaTelefónicaDoBanco24Horas e EmbaixadaPortuguesa. Se tiver a mesma sorte que eu o segundo melhor amigo está "offline" porque é Domingo e vai permanecer assim até Terça dado que Segunda-feira era feriado. Quando finalmente se contacta a embaixada e uma senhora bastante querida que já reconhece a minha voz ao telefone (só liguei 2x para a Embaixada...) tem que pedir o "Título de Viagem Única" que embora na Internet dizem que me custa 60€ a mim foi 100% gratis. Esse documento é válido durante 4 dias e serve apenas para voltar para Portugal. 

Tive também episódios fantásticos com a Ryanair em Barcelona que me fizeram voltar ao estado de raiva novamente e falar de forma um pouco rápida e em inglês com a senhora que não aceitava o meu título de viagem única e que fez com que eu e o Cristo não tivessemos o lugar que queriamos no avião. Obrigada Cristo por lhe teres explicado tudo em espanhol.. acho que se não fosses tu ainda lá estava a protestar com a mulher e a contar a minha história dos últimos 3 dias.

Returning to english:


If December was for visiting Prague and losing documents, January was for receiving documents and flying to Barcelonaaaaa. I have to admit that was a crazy trip full of stress (3 days in Barcelona, what to see???) but I had the best company for my stress: Don Juan Carlos - the only one able to survive in my crises eheheh

After 3 days of eating tuna and frozen meals we could see almost everything that we planed.

January was also a very strange month for me. After the disarter of the 1st semester I promiss that I would go to all subjects in order to make as many subjects has I could but after couple days in Poland one friend of mine, Marta, called me and invited me to join Mobica to be a tester in part-time during 6 months.

I went to interview in  January, 19th and I started working at January, 20th. After my 6 months of contract, Mobica propose me to stay more 6 months and I couldn't be happier!


If February and March I don't have so much to tell. I was working everyday and doing my project. We had couple dinners, couple parties but nothing that ERASMUS is made of. :)


In April Juan decided to come here and, like in January, we decided to make a fast trip to Poznan. Wonderfull days in the city made of colours and art.



Finally in Portugal again!!

May, as usual is known because: Queima, Bday of Matilde, Queima, portuguese mother's day, QUEIIIIMAAA and queima! :)

For those who aren't portuguese and don't know the meaning of it: Queima is the best party that a student have during all year (polish schools have the same - Juwenalia - but queima in one week and much bigger than Juwenalia). We celebrate the beggining of studies of some and the end for the others. Queima is always special and important for those who live academic life with all tradicional issues. Because I'm living in other country I know that almost all of the things that I was doing in my academic life will be in standby during God knows how much time and also because I'm almost finishing my studies I decided to "cartolar". I could spend hours explaining all the issues related to our traditions but I will only show you only few pictures that I have from that week.


I wish I could just skip this two months. My friends left and it was horroble to see them leave. All normal things that I was doing everyday desapeared and I had to find my way again.

My erasmus died in July. Well.. it's a quite sad ending for my post but i can't putted in diferent way.

See you next time.

O meu erasmus não teria sido o mesmo se não vos tivesse conhecido meus três mosqueteiros. Obrigada por todos os dias que passamos juntos :)

M!Xtuga sempre no coração!

quarta-feira, 11 de março de 2009

Pedido Oficial de Desculpas à Bequinhas :)

Olá a todos mas em especial um Olá à minha amiga Bequinhas que puxa sempre para o stress e quer ver-me a trabalhar no blog!!

Só mesmo para dizer que vem aí um post gigante com as novidades todas! :) 


domingo, 30 de novembro de 2008


Olá a todos!
Já não escrevo à bastante tempo mas, pensava eu, não tenho feito nada de jeito para postar.

Coisas novas que vos possa dizer sobre o meu ERASMUS é que:

  1. Já nevou e a chuva já tratou de matar todos os restos de neve;
  2. Fazer testes em inglês sem dicionário às vezes é complicado;
  3. Ter uma cama no corredor da tua residência é mau presságio;
  4. Se um espanhol faz muitos estragos, três ou quatro fazem-no com mais "perfeição";
    (ui.. se lerem isto o que vão agora chamar-me.. AH! Não entendem!!)
  5. É impossível ir a uma festa só até à meia noite;
  6. Os bichos do dormitório 9 são o futuro do mundo;
  7. Há quem acredite que, na Galiza, o boletim meteorológico é igual ao de Lodz;
    (shocking moment)
  8. As receitas da minha mãe são no mínino estranhas (mas uma delícia);
  9. Uma maquina de lavar a roupa vazia é miragem;
  10. As polacas são... (esta peço desculpa mas não consigo continuar);

Só para bater um bocadinho no ceguinho deixo aqui só umas imagens para o ponto 7
E a semana que vem aí é quentinha para o que já apanhei em Lodz (-3ºC).

Hoje não é um bom dia para a escrita por isso deixo-vos com um video que mostra uma festa de ERASMUS que adorei!!

Espero postar em breve com noticias de Poznan... já que Estocolmo ficou a meio.

beijinhos e até uma próxima